Abundance and prosperity , time to tune in!

Tuning in to abundance

Abundance and prosperity if understood puts a person onto the track of pure joy, and based on who you are. That’s a pretty good road to be on.

Attracting abundance clears up some questions you might have.

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." Paying attention to abundance and prosperity will transform a life that might have been ok, to an extraordinary experience.

Although prosperity and abundance is always around, most of us rarely see the light. This has to do with our ability to stay positive and open minded.


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How to tune into abundance

Self less giving and positive thinking are the two most powerful actions that lead to tuning into abundance and prosperity. Abundance attitude.

It helps tune into abundance because it is not about a person other than you. It helps somebody else. It feels good for you however the focus is on the others.

If a person always focuses on themselves, their mind and identity, let's call it the ME. The ME is constantly asking for things. No matter what it’s asking for, all it does is want.

When a person only wants things, they leave no room for

creating and is in the opposite interest of abundance and prosperity. It is in consumption mindset. All the person really knows how to do is get what they want. Not give what others want.

A prosperous person, a fulfilled individual. If this person would always think about the "ME" then who will the decisions and end result be made to benefit? The Individual, what true growth is created to benefit the individual only, that’s selfish, isn’t it?

The philosophy behind the business industry is, "the person who serves the best will move forward and reap more rewards".

An individual’s qualities are based on how well he serves the public through whatever channel they are a part of. In other words, they give as best he can. As a reward they fulfillment.


What do you believe life is keeping from you?

A quick way to test this technique and credibility is, take something that you believe life is holding back from you and give it to someone else. A warm feeling will arise

Like when we were kids...

When we were children we seemed to know this instinctively. Everything you wanted in your life, you gave first. Take a trip down memory lane.

Take a trip!

One of the things that keep you from tuning into abundance and prosperity is not being able to take that first step to give selflessly or to think positively.


Your self-image, can you see yourself as someone who gives

selflessly? Do you see yourself as a positive person? Or does that make you sick to your stomach?.

Things to work through....

Pride which is the protection of yourself image can become an obstacle towards giving what you wish to receive.

Pride can be tamed through action and action alone. Pride says, "You can't do that..."

The resistance that’s felt from pride is fear that you'll lose your image. But, that is what wants to happen. The image that a person currently holds of themselves is what is responsible for their results.

You might have heard of her....Oprah Winfrey speaks about abundance.

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