If You Want An Abundance Attitude, Become It !

Abundance attitude can be explained but who wants to listen?
An attitude can be done but who cares?
An attitude is just a set of reactions to actions....so why does it have so much power...and why is it so appealing to have one?

An attitude determines the results you get in life. Much like the more you practice at something usually means the more results you'll get during the show.


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--------------------------------------------------------------To put it in easy terms that can be understood if thought about. Consider this...

If you get what you think about and what you think about and how you think about it becomes your attitude. Then your attitude, through thought determines what you get.

Now, if you have thought about it, you will notice that your surroundings appeals to your attitude. Just because it's the way you understand yourself. A woman who hates football isn't going to put up a picture of Tom Brady...well, bad example.

I hope you get my point.

However, here's the good news. You can change your attitude at anytime and all it takes is that famous word called a decision. A committed decision.

Changing your attitude includes changing or in this case eliminating your reactions.

How does getting upset ever help anything?
How does reacting negatively ever help anything?

The only thing is does help is the ability to get angry. Since you’re on this page you really don’t want to get angry...

You understand that getting angry just brings in the same thing...an abundance attitude.
You understand that an angry person opens his mouth and shuts his eyes....an abundance attitude.
You understand that being angry...is not being happy. Which is what you want.

Abundance attitude can be summed up with power words....

Giving, Growing, Loving, Doing, Being.

Doing all of these things is not very easy, because it goes against what might be your habits.

Ready.......maybe these have happened to you!

Abundance Attitude

A person walking down the street wearing an ugly coat, you might feel the temptation to judge the coat she’s wearing because after all its, hideous.
( Being )

A bum on the street corner might need some money so you ignore him and change sides of the street.
( Giving )

A person might be crying right in front of you but you don’t

know what to do so you don't do anything and you just sit there and let them cry.
( Loving )

Something has come into your mind, an idea, an intuition but it would require you get up and go do something and maybe that’s not something that you’re willing to do.
( Doing )

Thinking obsessively about anything and everything without giving your mind a break, even though it screams at you by making body restless, you’re getting overwhelmed and you’re just not sure what’s going on.
( Growing )

Every single one of these actions have a choice that is being made, and that choice is completely contrary to what you might actually think you want and know you want.

The choice you make by doing the things on the list above is, "Right now I'll do this, I'll improve later"

Impossible!....improvement and growth happen now.

But since in the moment when they happen you continue to choose the negative side of the outcome, then you will consistently be re-living the same old mess.


Yea, it’s not easy. Habits build up and they become part of our identity. But that can be changed....easily!

It starts with you and a decision to change. How badly do you want to improve, change your life?

REALIZE the greatest gifts in life, and give them to others?

What will it mean to you once you can smile everyday without feeling guilty?!

Change begins with 1 thing, you. Make a choice.

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  • I want to be filled with abundance
  • I want to look through the life lens of abundance

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