Attracting abundance, So you want more out of your life?

Attracting your abundance!

Attracting abundance...What exactly do you want more of, Money, friendship, love?I ask because the one thing we know is we tend to want more. More of everything.

Who could blame us, with all of the leaders and teachers going around saying that you can have whatever you need. People are bound to start asking for anything and everything.

But, how much is enough? Is it all take, take, take and no give? If abundance can teach us anything, it’s that it is very rarely about us, if ever. Even though we seek abundance in our own lives.


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How can it be about others when I want to begin attracting abundance into MY life?

What are the days in your life that truly are unforgettable moments.

A communion, siblings birthday, that smile that never seemed to go away that day, the last family get together where everybody was having fun, maybe a first kiss with a lover that sparked years of unconditional love. Or an epiphany that just opened your mind to the amazing beauty in the world....

In any of your beautiful memories, how many of them are focused around getting and how many are focused on observing the moment which involves others enjoying themselves?

Can you remember the last time you got everything you wanted in materials, have you ever? That temporary satisfaction goes away, doesn’t it? It was just a high and you might have thought...hmmm what did I do to deserve all this? I should do it more often...attracting abundance goes into deeper degrees of joy.

Even when you did get what you want, the gift wasn't what made you feel good, sure it helped but the real beauty was the giving of the other person and the accuracy of the interest that they served. A sense of knowing happened.

An appreciation for somebody else's giving. That is what abundance is about.

So to attract abundance I just give?

Yep, you just give. Give what you want to receive. If you want money, donate a certain amount.

If you want love, give love to others. If you want friends, be friends to those who ask it of you. It is really not difficult, but, there are things that stop us.

Self image/body image can get in the way. It does this because your image is not comfortable in your new ways just yet, and as a result you might feel uneasy or scared to give for fear of rejection. Until you get used to it, and that depends on you.

This is a misconception and a fraudulent effort for your image to hang on to something that you don't want and is the opposite path to attracting abundance. It is fraudulent because you are not putting yourself on the line by giving, in fact you are enforcing your own personal character by serving other people needs that have already arisen.

Therefore, rejection is not even part of the puzzle since they’re the ones who put themselves out, your simply the one who helps them.

Where Do I Start?

When do you want to start attracting abundance? If you want it now, begin. If you want to wait, wait. Nobody is forcing you to want a better life. But, I assure you once you do start to pay more attention to people's needs and begin to serve them. Life will be so vibrant that it feels like its pulsating with joy.

What does abundance feel like?

Have you ever been in such a good mood that nothing can get in your way, everything seems seamless, smooth and easy. Vibrant with energy and filled with love and empathy?

That is abundance. Guess what, it’s available anytime of any day. Even when you’re crying, angry or upset, it’s always everywhere, absolutely magnificent! That is an absolute fact. A effort just needs to be made in order to connect with it.

What is the big fuss about giving and why does it feel so darn good?

There are two types of giving, selfish giving and self less giving. Selfish giving, is giving a person something with the knowledge that it will also immediately benefit you, and that is the only reason you engaged in the action.

When you are giving selflessly, you are practicing love. First you determine what the person needs, you then put yourself in their position and then you give them what is needed.

The entire process is about the other person and in effect you are being selfless. Thus, you are practicing the art of love which in part is the divine interest with the other persons needs.

Finished attracting abundance?