Is Not Breathing Right Affecting Your Life?

When your not breathing right....

Your head starts struggling to focus..
Your thoughts begin to wander...
You have trouble holding focus on what you’re doing...
You start feeling anxious, nervous, fearful and it all starts CRASHING DOWN...

Without Breathing Properly That Is Your Life!


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If you don't breathe you die!

How can it get any simpler to telling us how important it is...But what else does it affect.

The stability with our moods, behaviours, thoughts and ultimately our results has a lot to do with breathing. Breathing properly affects our patience which affects our focus...which affects the amount we can concentrate on a certain topic. These things can be directly connected to our physical results.

Training Yourself to Live!

  • Inhale, count to three then exhale
  • Inhale through the nose and from the gut
  • Exhale through the mouth from the gut

Paying attention to your pattern of breathing will help you understand yourself and your moods a little better. Maybe A Lot!

Take a minute!

Breathing Right - Under Stress

Believe it or not, in challenging circumstances with the most pressure a person might forget to breathe....crazy? Reality.

Have you been in a stressful situation where all the pressure is

on you? Do you remember when you started gasping for air after it was done?

The circumstance took your attention away from what you need to do to be comfortable...all of your attention.

Dealing with stress is first, taking a deep breath but where does this logic come from?

Breathing adds space in a room full of cluster and allows you to focus properly on the situation at hand....but don’t take my word for it.

Try it out, test it and once you will then make sure you are ALWAYS breathing properly..

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