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You have all you need right now, in this moment.

If you think you are not motivated then you are not motivated

"Whether you think you are or you are not, you are right"

I have always been very motivated, happy and full of energy.I have always been happier than anybody I have ever knownI have everything I need and anything I could ever wantI am

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Finding motivation is finding self-inspiration. What grinds you're gears every single day to keep on trucking, to keep getting better and better.

"Every day I am getting better and better"

Daily motivation is yours, create it.

This rags to riches tale abouta man born within a very wealthy family.

Torn and battered he wasn’t sure where he was goingand life looked so simple in his mind. Not having to worry about money he did not understand all of the confusion that is around us.

So he decided to self-destruct his life only to later re-build it.

For 3 years he became negative, miserable, tearing up every relationship he got his hands on with the motivation of why do people do this.

Daily Motivation!

When he reached his melting point he felt

lost, confused, clouded, negative and truly unhealthy.

He judged, hated, feared, he was not himself.

Once he realized he had obtained his goal he tried to make his way back to the top only to notice how far he had actually let himself go.

Fear was what was guiding his decisions. Hate was his fuel instead of laughter. you can forget about daily motivation because this man knew none of it.

He awoke one morning to try and understand why he wanted to do this, to put himselfthrough this. However, looking from bliss the world looks peachy, looking from hatethe world looks like the living dead.

As he continued to re-builds his life back to the top he ran into new and unseen eventsstarted taking an appreciation in nature, and grew beyond money but understood its importance.

He is now back to his original form with a greater understand of the world around him. How it functions how he sees things, how things see him and why it is what it is.

Although his questions were answered so new ones could be made, everybody has questions theyare refusing to answer.

My question to you is, what questions are you avoiding?and can you live with yourself if they were not answered?

The point to be taken from this story is, you see things the way you want to. Motivation is always in you, it’s always there.

Choose your thoughts carefully to bring it out and so you will have overcome your number 1 enemy, the laziness within.

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