How Dealing With Depression Will Free You

dealing with depression....How often do you think of something you would like to do that motivates you for the moment. Then about 10-20 minutes later you find yourself less motivated and de-energized you were before?

Like everything is a struggle and if only you could just get through the day, that would be enough.


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Does that seem like something that would happen to you? If you said yes, then I have some great news. There is nothing wrong with you!

But, in order to overcome your own set of thoughts that cause you to be depressed. You have to want too. Are you tired of living the way you are living? Are you tired of having to struggle every day?

Isn't there a life that you wish you could have? That you dream of? That you want to do before you die? What raises the hair off your back?

What immediately injects you with a sense of life and energy? There is something. Find it. Take the time, you deserve it.

How would you feel if you knew that every day, every minute and every second you could feel that good. That full of LIFE!

Life is better than what you’re letting yourself experience! You weren't always like that. When you were young, nothing could stop you from enjoying life, and what regrets do you have from it? Very few I’m sure, you were too busy LIVING!


Dealing With Depression Your Way.

Here is the big cahuna, the great piece of information that is going to help take anyone out of depression, are you ready?

Notice it.

Just notice it. Become AWARE about the circumstances and events or even time of day that causes you to feel depressed.

What is it that gets under your skin, that really takes its toll on your mental health and your mood?

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Dealing with depression, comes down to one thing. Controlling the negative thoughts that come into your mind....and the only way to start doing that is by paying attention to how the moods are built. By NOT thinking about it!

Noticing what creates the depression, what thoughts arise. Allows you to take slow, but very important steps in ensuring that a person suffering from habitual negative thoughts ( that cause depression ) are being filtered out through the awareness of them.

After all once a person actually KNOWS the effect the thoughts have on them, they will be very reluctant to think about those particular thoughts.

As you become to notice it out of habit, a pattern will emerge. Within that pattern a solution will arise. All you need to do is notice it.

That's fantastic, how do I notice it?

Next time you or someone you know get's in a depressed mood or becomes slightly negative. Start thinking about how that mood came about. Something happened, it didn't just come out of thin air.

A reaction to the event, moment or person creates that mood and your mind keeps that mood alive. If your depressed, you’re in control of your own mood, even if you’re not.

Realize what causes it, and eliminate it, understand it or accept it.

Do something with it, anything but dwell on it!

Final Notes On Depression

If it was easy everybody would do it! Hang in there!

Dealing with depression is difficult at first, but you are strong and patient, you can do this! Your life is waiting for you. Remember that feeling of life, every minute of every day. First you must notice your depression. That is the ONLY step for you!

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