Knowing How To Set Goals Puts You On The Highway

how to set goals and learning what should be reached.

Imaging what you REALLY want. Can you see it? Can you see yourself obtaining it? Having it now, working with it, improving on it?

Do you have the courage to ask for it, to learn How to set goals? or are you making excuses. I have a family to feed, I have a job that takes too much time, I don't have any start up money. Whatever it is, you can work around it.

Working around what you want takes more energy than we can imagine...but the most bewildering part is when we are not doing what we want, we are not happy. How many lives do we have?

You know that you can do better, admit it....
You know that you’re not doing what you really want...
You know you are the only person standing in the way...

Let's wake up and go after what we’ve been dreaming about!

Cut through the crap, and let’s start taking what is rightfully ours. What we truly deserve, aren’t you tired of scrounging for pennies, working 9-5 with no real satisfaction?

Where's the urgency!?

I believe in you, I believe that you will get exactly what you want. I believe that you are the only way that this can happen. I believe that you want to get what you dream of.

Let's do it! Let's learn how to set goals

Step 1 - Reaching for the stars

It's time right now, to eliminate all barriers that keep you from getting what you want. This can be a layered process and can take time. Most people are scared to dream for what they truly want. But if you are too scared to ask for what you want, Do you really deserve it? Life doesn't think so. Think big!

Open your mind to the endless possibilities! It will be yours. It's the LAW.

Step 2 - Clarifying what you want

This is a process, and a vitally important one. Make sure to take the time you need. This takes some people hours and others months. But once they know what they want, they set out after it and it becomes a part of their lives. What do you want? Why do you want it? What will you do when you have it?

Be Specific

Step 3 - Being Specific

When you create a goal you need to be specific. If you want a car, what colour, how much is it, why do I want it.

These are things you must answer or the goal will not be achieved.

This is the part of the process which people generally don't know and it takes some time to get down to the bottom of what they actually want. There are many ways of discovering this. This is what I used Here It's free(Just fill out the form at the bottom).

In business, the company creates a goal, applies the resources, gives a time frame, explains the desired results and plans the costs that might be taken in order to achieve it.

They are so specific when creating a goal, they leave nothing up to chance. NOTHING, there are too many people at risk.

No matter who you are, you have been a part of something amazing. A corporation choosing to reach the billion dollar mark is a gutsy move. But if the goal is set, they reach it most of the time. Isn't that great?

This also infers that you are either following someone creating the goals, or you are creating them yourself. The main difference is the goal you are reaching for.

How does a corporation know how to set goals?

Step 4 - Pretend you already have it.

This might be a hard one to accept, but it is absolutely true. Think of a goal that you have already achieved.

Remember that when you achieved it, you felt like you had already done it.

You still felt good, but it was as if the accomplishment was already there. Right? Be honest...

This is because you followed the rules unknowingly. In order for something to be in your life you must pretend as if you already have it.

You do this through understanding what life would be like WITH it.

For example,

I have a cottage, every winter I need to take my boat out of the water. I have a beautiful girlfriend, she likes it when I make her laugh.

And so on....

If this is the first time you have heard about these techniques, they might sound a bit strange to you. I encourage you to find your own answers on how to set goals.

There are many practical ways people set goals, however, most people must become aware of the power they possess and choosing to learn on how to set goals is just a small piece of the puzzle. They do this by understanding WHY.

This is how all of us reach our goals, most of us just aren't aware of it.

Step 5 - Repetition

Once you have set a goal, you need to believe you've achieved it and you do this through repetition. Have you ever had something repeated so often that you assumed it as fact? the war on terrorism?

After awhile your conscious mind shuts down and the sub conscious mind picks up on it, and whatever reaches the sub conscious mind begins to manifest itself into the physical world. It takes anything that reaches it.


So, are you telling me if I repeat my goals to myself enough times, say 2x a day that they HAVE to manifest?

Yes that’s what I’m saying. A key to knowing how to set goals.


You cannot stop repeating it too yourself until it manifests. If you stop repeating it to yourself then your old mindset and old body image will come into play and eliminate all of the progress you have made.

So you need to make a decision, if you are serious about learning and applying how to set goals. Follow these 5 steps unconditionally.

Do I have your word?....

Good....You can start today.

Final Step - When you know what you want, you need to write a little note to yourself, and that’s what you will repeat to yourself.

For example,

I live in a beautiful cottage and I have a beautiful boat, I’m so happy and voila, you now KNOW how to set goals.

Now, you have to go DO IT!! So you can LIVE them!

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