You've Heard it all about the Law Of Attraction Or Have you?

Law Of Attraction

A personal example, you have mornings where you really don't want to get up, and others where you are soooooo peaceful that you wish out loud, or lean over to your cat and say...I wish we didn't have to move.

You make that.

Why do you have those mornings? Usually you had a great dream, you have a great day ahead of you or you had a very deep sleep and caught up on all your rest.

Here’s the point. The moment you wake up, the very moment you know you're awake, you think of something. That first thought that comes into your head, makes you react and whatever that thought is determines the quality of morning you have.

Where Do I Start Gaining Control Of My Power?

Getting in control of your own thoughts can be considered a skill. I can even see game shows in the near future judging people on how well they control their life!

That means that it's inevitable, now that you know how much power you have over your life. You need to take responsibility. This is the point of no return.

Why would you want to go back, remember how lost you felt?Now all you have to do is look at your mind, change the direction and enjoy yourself! Its wonderful!

Tools To Gain Focus

These Pages will keep you aware and on the track to realizing your true potential.

Self consciousness
Overcoming Fear
Balance a fulfilling life

Everything You Do and It's Effects

You expect what you don't want, I do too. Were not perfect...yet!

You've heard somebody say :

-Guys are such jerks, I always meet jerks.
-I’m so broke I never have any money.
-I hate my job it's so boring.
-I will never get promoted.

If you say this consistently, you will be miserable, bored, depressed, lonely, poor and also suffer from procrastination I don't want to suggest you try it, it's not fun!

When you are happy, joyful what are you thinking? You're noticing the good things in life.

- I’m so happy I have a beautiful wife
- I’m glad I have the freedom to go on vacation when things get busy
- I’m excited about the new challenges that are coming my way

Are you seeing a connection?

Test it out. You will be shocked at how simple it is! I know I was and still am.

See positive thinking.

Time For You To Decide!

Do you really want to improve? Change your life? Live a happier life...whatever that means to you?

Then get started, it starts right now.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right.”

Ever Been in Love?

What did you love about them?

Did they have characteristics that you used to dream of?

Of Course they did, you asked for it and you got it!

Day in Day out, you wished for them. The way they look, the way they act, the way they treat you, the way they love you. Your standards.

You were persistent, determined and most importantly you never stopped until it manifested into your life.

My question to you is...

Are you willing to use that same dedication towards everything else that you WANT in your life?

Law Of Attraction. Check out how your personal body image is apart of the law of attraction

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