Listening skills - What did you say ?


A secret that I've been holding back in regards to listening skills designed specifically to improve the skills of my monthly subsribers is now going to be released! to everyone.

Ready?....Im warning you, once you understand and apply whats on this page. Your life WILL improve......

Alright, Let's Take A Dive!

Here's a question for you.....Answer them honestly!

When's the last time you got into a very deep conversation? I mean deep.
What did it feel like...?

Did you get lost in what the person was saying?
Did you forget completely about time, restraints, boundaries?

How would you like be feeling that way every single time to you get in a conversation?......Could you handle it ?

Listening Is A Paradise

Aside from being completely calm, assertive and effective. Listening skills also adds another aspect to life. Quality.

A boss who doesn't have to repeat themselves more than once, is a boss that will appreciate your ability to listen.

A lover who knows you are listening to them, will not complain about getting ignored.

A child who is listened too will not go off in a tantrum feeling misunderstood.

Listening is what people really want. Countless people prepare how to talk, and you can be the unique one and prepare how to listen.


What do the most successful people have in common?

Every successful person, man or woman knows that without listening before acting, you are a dog chasing its tail.

Think about it.....A successful mother knows their childrens ways because they listen to there actions and words.

A successful business person listens to the market and what is in demand. Then LISTENS to how the customer wants it delivered.

A successful teacher, listens to what the student want, like and enjoy. Then molds the course material to their interests.

A successful speaker knows what the people want to hear, and tells them.

Why do you want to listen? Who are you wanting to listen too?

Yourself, a lover, a mother, a father, a child.....who ?

A Simple Plan For Open Ears

Step 1 - Focus on the moment and what is being said to you.

Step 2 - Be Patient, how would you like it if noone had the time to listen to you?

Step 3 - Be Still, don't fidget! be calm and focus completely on the moment at hand.

Step 4 - AFTER the person has finished talking..move on with the conversation....Let the conversation flow.

Listening is the most important part of communication. It ensures that two people understand what is going on.

It deserves attention!
Listening skills requires relaxation. Go ahead....Relax.

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