Mental Health, What Will It Take?

Mental health can be defined as the ease of carrying out a project.

The ease of doing. Once struggle is in

place, resistance to what the mind naturally wants to do has been energized and ultimately taken away from the result that could have been. In order to achieve mental balance one must understand the faculties of the mind.

Mental health can be revealed once a person truly understand the effect and affect of their thoughts and reactions.

Taking mind out of experience is a life long achievement however, the development of your mental facultiesbrings about a certain confidence in anything one completes.

An understanding for the physical materials andcircumstance that goes along around them.

By developing the mental faculties of ones ability , you are expanding the level of definition and specificity in your life.Meaning that you are choosing to take control of your life and the direction of it.

The Mental Faculties are

Reason which allows you to choose the thoughts that reach your sub-concious mind and thus reflect your physical life
Imagination which empowers to create an image in your mind as a goal to reach it
Intuition which picks up others peoples vibrational frequency
Perception which allows people to see and experience different parts of the world
Will which allows you to hold the image that you have created through your imagination until it becomes form

The most common barriers to mental health

Dealing with depression
Dealing with stress
Overcoming shyness
Overcoming addiction
Low self esteem help
Defense mechanism

Mental Health Statistics

A valuable life means nothing in truth because all life is already valuable. All it does is seperate a valuable life from those who think they do not have one

The end is already been found, the illusive boundaries that minds play with each other and compete over is all the same.


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Circumstance and inevitable variation between levels of consciousness determine the faculty's that each need to portray.

Although a goal is a necessary commodity in the world we live in and natural ability to accomplish everything is already given to you. Mental health is yours, you just need to organize it.

Those who choose to recognize themselves , recognize every

mystery ever created. Right every wrong they have ever done and forgiven everything they have ever done. Choosing to invest time to seek your interpretation of truth is a fact of life that all do.

Some take longer than others but time is not a margin of error, but a gateway to which all seek understanding. This means that throughout time, from the beginning of ones life to the end.

For the most part people are filled with stages of mind and image to live through. Premeditated virtues and beliefs of life all act as barriers towards the one truth, You.

Therefore people will decide to begin achieving mental health at their own specific time. So anytime is a good time.

Every message ever sent has common ground, they all go through you more specifically your mental faculties. All must either be affirmed or denied passge into your mind and sub-concious mind.

Thinking itself, reason is a mental ability that has been given to you a perfect being. "A perfect tool for spirit to run through", Bob Proctor.

Nothing is owned, the representation of ownership is the only commodity. Within ownership many materials lie. If you own something, then the material of what you own is not what people want but the ownersihp of the material that you have. In this sense money is labelled as a common ground for exchange.

The truth is rarely in the appearence of things.

Only after reason can you seperate the image of money from the

actual purpose and nature of it. However, if one does not use reason to their advantage then your entire understanding is being spoon-fed to you by the collective culture of the environment you live in.

Developing your mental faculties are of necessity is you wish to reveal what you desire. As you develop your mental facultiesyou also clarify the communication and understanding between your spirit and yourself.

Only through reason and focus on being can you allow spirit to flow through. If a decision is reached where mental faculties need no growth then the communication between yourself and the faculties will be limited.

This all falls into the moment. This very second you are reading. That warmth you are feeling inside of you as you read this is the being eminating itself. Breathing, loving, joyfully being.

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