The moment is where you find your freedom, the main teaching of mindfulness.

Mindfulness and the greats such as Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Napolean Hill Earl Nightengale and hundreds more of "self-improvement" specialists with hundreds of different names all begin with saying that the moment is where you find your freedom.

Another word for this is Mindfulness. This means being present enough in every moment to live free of struggle and with an abundance of love and joy.

There are countless passages to becoming aware of the moment however it all leads to the silence of thought and being open to silence.

Eckhart Tolle explains this in a way that is clear

Now you might be feeling as if you’re either frustrated or relieved to hear how simple it is.

Those of you who are frustrated are probably that way because there is no magic formula and perhaps you might disappointment because you thought there was something more. However this emotion is simply a barrier towards understanding how great this piece of information is.

What this means to people who understand it is, freedom to be and to live free of fear, guilt, anger unworthiness and basically any sort of unhappiness in their life.

To be fulfilled you simply need to remember the one true gift that everybody knew when they were young. If you think back to your childhood, assuming you had at least one good moment.

What was happening? No resistance, pure joy smiling always feeling vibrant and living every day until it was time to sleep. Taking the mind out of it, mindfulness.

The only boundaries was night and dinner. Right?

Now think of today, why isn't your life that way anymore? You might say.... well because now I have responsibility, I have to pay the bills, I need to raise my family.

Yes you do, however when you were younger no matter what the circumstance you ALWAYS enjoyed yourself no matter where you were and most importantly you found ways to do it.

If you were in class you found a way to smile, either by laughing at something goofy or entertaining yourself by scribbling.

The one thing we forget about as we grow older is the most important thing in life, the ability to enjoy every moment and we enjoy every moment by allowing the moment to be fully experienced.

Treat the moment as a passageway to happiness and joy.

For example,

As a child let’s say you were in class and you were listening to the lecture, there was nothing you could do about it since it was required of you to listen therefore you accepted it.

You didn’t accept the fact that you HAD to listen, you accepted the fact that it was required of you to listen. So from that acceptance you opened up a new passage for joy to find you. Let's say that you paid some attention to the teacher and another idea came to you where you decided to draw some designs in order to have FUN.

Only as you accept what you’re in ( the moment ) will new ideas arise to help.

Fun should be the number 1 choice of any person. The only way to have true fun is in the moment. "Allowing the moment to be by saying Yes"

Mindfulness IS silence. There are countless books dedicated to this however, the most recent spiritual teacher to have a large impact on people's awareness is "The Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. This book is for somebody who understands awareness, perhaps classified as intermediate in the area.

For intermediate/Experts I recommend The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

For Beginners. I recommend Mindfulness for Beginners

The separation from mind and reconnection to the moment and it's barriers are what the book is about If you have not read the book I strongly recommend it. It dramatically sped up my progress.

Without it the progress would have taken years.

Again.. thats Mindfulness for Beginners