The connection between overcoming addiction and you is..

The connection between overcoming addiction and you is in the moment and the release of seeking satisfaction in exterior forces.I want to you to notice something, Im sure you watch TV or have at one point in time.

Pay attention to the commercials that you watch. When social proof is involved then normally everybody looks happy. Right ?

There is not one person in commercials unless directly related to the product that is unhappy.

Why is that, and what does it have to do with overcoming addiction?

Well who wants to buy a product that makes you miserable ? Would you ? I wouldn't The reason everybody seems happy is because of a dramatization effect that ultimately has been proven to sell more product and create a positive association to the good or service.

Happy customers = satisfied customers right ?


Now lets take a look at real life where millions are considered "clinicaly" depressed and overcoming addiction. So what is actually going on, because it certainly isnt a fair representation of society however buying that product or service and owning that product makes people happy.

This is fundamental truth in our market, business is business and that is understood however to illustrate the point of what im saying it will seem as if i am bad mouthing the economy when in truth I am stating a fact.


Why is it that the people I see who have the product are usually excited about it for a woping few minutes after the have been declared owner of the product.

Simple, because its not real and overcoming addiction is. True happiness stems from the inside and in a world where we are constantly told and tempted to hone a false sense of satisfaction. Searching for true happiness seems like a lot of work. People also are unsure of how to get it.

Presence is the "secret". In every situation, bad or good if you are present then it all seems to just be a part of the whole.

Sure there are some who truly take pride in the amount of product they can actually buy and the freedom to do so and that is up to them however, their true happiness is so far from the actual product that its almost funny.

This is why people are in a form of addiction. Seeking satisfaction in the exterior forces by satisfying the needs and wants of the mind whose programming tells you that you NEED that next cigarrette. Which unless you know about, renders overcoming addiction a lost cause.

That is addiction in its basic form. It can be twisted, turned and misrepresented and this does represent an obstacle that will be needed to overcome but unless you understand why you truly want that cigarrette, shopping spree or new TV you need to take a look inside of yourself.

This can be done by being in the moment and paying attention to the thoughts that stem to give birth to the illusory need of the mind. This is how people are overcoming addiction everywhere.

For example :

If you are a smoker, you might notice that you feel trapped in thought. That every 10 minutes or so your mind brings up the idea of having a cigarrette, depending on the severity of your addiction.

I guarantee that if yiou don;t notice this consciously, take the time to ask why you want a cigarrette. I assure you that the answer will come to your head. I know because I was once a smoker.

Realy there are plenty of tricks out there that treat the want for a cigarrette by substituting a cigarrette with gum and what not.


This presents a problem, because your mind has developed a habit that the only way that need can eb satisfied in your current condition is bing by having a cigarrette, nothing else.

So...What do you do?

Change the condition and you change the condition by treating the source of the programming. The thought that stems the want for a smoke. When you do this and must you do this. You place presence on the idea of having a smoke and presence is without mind.

The higher intelligence, will automatically bring you into the moment and give you "second wind" to continue doing what it is that you were doing.

This is the main piece of beginning the process to quit smoking.

If you have been smoking for a long time, then smoking might be apart of your body image and in order for you to naturally quit smoking, you must first change your body image.

This is a little informative video created to illustrate how smoking takes away from your daily life.

Just incase you haven't seen enough of these for it to reach your sub conscious.

If you are looking for more information on the subject ( even though I strongly recommend that you try what has been said on this page before anything ). There is a great book that helped grow my understanding of addiction and helped me find my own answers, its only 9 bucks and its well worth it.

If I calculate it the 9$ book saved me, $3650 A year. Not bad.

Overcoming Addiction : A Common Sense Approach