Overcoming fear comes along with allowing yourself to have a better life.

Overcoming fear comes along with allowing yourself to have a better life. The object that holds most people back the illusion of fear. The chilling down your spine when you are resisting something the emotion responsible for anger, hate, negativity and inconsistency.

You are above the mold choosing to overcome fear since those who live in deep fear enjoy their fear and since fear is there primary state of being, they choose to manifest more of it in fear of loosing their identity.


Fear is the way we are conditioned to behave, act and accept situations, circumstances by. Once you are free of fear this becomes quite obvious to you. The amount fear is used in our society and how much it has weaved into our daily lives.

Overcoming fear is a must because we are conditioned to be this way. Click this link for further information on why.

Most importantly, how much we LET it destroy in our lives. We have a CHOICE to accept fear or to reject it.

Overcoming fear is as simple as paying attention to what we are doing everyday in every situation. However, it sounds simple and it is simple. But most people have the hardest time getting rid of fear. Why is that?

It is not a one time deal, there is no magic wand that you can wave and all of the sudden be rid of fear. It takes awareness and in order to be aware of what you are doing you need to be present and pay attention.

Once you are starting the journey of overcoming fear becoming present and aware of when it is that you fear things the most in your thought process or when you are avoiding an emotion.

Your going to notice that fear can only be allowed if you let it and only when you are not paying attention to the moment itself.

Its as simple as making a choice. "I choose to take control of my life and rid myself of fear"

Repeat this to yourself everyday and if you do this and also pay attention to your own thoughts every moment you will begin to understand why you fear and most of all you will begin to understand that fear is not real.

It is simply an illusion that takes advantage of people when they don't know any better. Fear is weak and has no foundation. You are strong and naturaly a beautiful person.

So..overcoming fear...It's that easy. Yes it is, the difficulty lies in the consistency of it. Not in the fear itself but your dependance on resisting situations and circumstances. That is what truly energizes the fear.

In order diminish fears hold on you, you must first eliminate your hold on fear and allow yourself to begin overcoming fear. Fear can only be present if you are energizing it. Fear is a coward lurking in the corners of your mind and body. The places you are avoiding is the place fear resides.

The release of fear comes with the acceptance of joy, peace and abundance into your life and thus allows overcoming of fear. if you choose to live happily and understand that you deserve everything that you want, EVERYTHING.

No compromise.

Then fear will just have no place in your life anymore. one of the trickiest emotions that fear creates is the feeling of unworthiness.

The feeling that you don't deserve the life that you want and that you only want the things you think you can have. The only reason you fear accepting better things into your life is because if you do CHOOSE to accept a better life and feel like you deserve it, you will begin to expect it. If you expect it, it will magnitize into form.

Once it begins to take form you will see fear for what it is, a weak obstacle that gets in the way of happiness.

There fear is actually fearing the death of itself, fear.

Accepting the fact that you deserve the best in life and more is the end of fear. So go ahead, commit to being a better person , a better you.

A method used by many in order to overcome fear is focus. You'll notice that it fear goes away very easily when you shine the light of focus onto it. You've heard the old saying, "Dark can only live without the light". Fear is the dark and focus is the light.

When you first do this you will experience some resistance because you have been fueling your fear for as long as you can remember.

Fear can only exist as long as you decide to give it energy. You see anything in your life, anything you feel and anything you do, you are in control of. You are either knowingly putting energy into it or unknowingly.

The "unknowingly' part of life is reffered to as the unconscious part and within the unconscious side of life you will find all of your daily habits that you pay no attention to like putting on your underwear, putting on your jacket, grocery shopping and whatever you do where you are not 100% conscious in what your doing.

Most people are rarely conscious and aware of what there doing. They go through life in this zombie-like state where everything is a struggle and nothing comes easy.

Coincidentally people who CHOOSE to live like that also experience a heightened state of fear because they are so use to being in a struggle and everything being difficult that anything out of the ordinary is a threat to their unconscious state of life. They become protectors of the unconscious life and are thus fueling fear instead of overcoming fear.

They do not know this because they are unconscious they are usually just simply, miserable. Completely oblivious to how beautiful and great life is they assume they know everything, close their minds and bury their soul in layers of hate, anger and fear.

But, you are smarter than this person because you want to improve, you have decided to start overcoming fear. You deserve a better life and you will soon see it!

You know there is more to it and right you are. Below is a unique perspective on the subject of fear and the in-depth solution to solve the problem.

A current well known and respected "spiritual" teacher is willing to teach you for free and right now.

In this context, Fear arises during resistance, the NO is resistance that brings about a fearful emotion. Eliminate the NO and allow the YES