How does finding your balance affect overcoming shyness?

...Finding a balance in life has a lot to do with overcoming shyness. When a person develops a shyness towards something. It is generally because they are afraid of being judged in their response.

A fear of being judged takes away from personal balance, why? If a person is afraid of being judged it means that this person relies somewhat on external satisfaction and gratification.

This means that the person holds higher regard for others opinions then their own.

This places your own power onto others which if they know this, can harm you, play with you and deceive you very easily.

How does this happen ?

Throughout a person's life we are consistently bombarded with a way to do things. Through advertisements, television movie's, music and internet.

Therefore a person develops a certain "unconscious belief" that their is only one way to do something and if a person does not understand 100% that way of doing things, that they are of no importance and they feel as if they have no right to speak.

Behind the scenes, in your life, you are constantly looking outside of you for satisfaction. The next party,the next meal, the next this, the next that, just to feel a temporary satisfaction.

This is not all "wrong", only to be fully consumed by it is taking away from your balance.

But, after a little while a person will start to question this, is this it? Really? it just one after another?

Then they start to wake up, within this waking up period, we are bombarded with ways to help ourselves. Things to do, people to see thoughts to think and the list goes on. When it all comes down to finding your own balance.

When a balance is found and you have worked hard to accept your inner thoughts and taken down all of the false barriers, there is no need to label anything you do anymore.

Shyness will not exist...

....because its just simply you. This is what the point is.

The only reason that you are feeling that you need help in overcoming shyness is because inside of you, you are truly an outgoing person who loves to speak their mind and effortlessly converse. But, something has gotten in the way.

That something is the fear of judgement. Fear that you will not live up to the expectations of the conversation and will consequently be cast out.

Overcoming shyness through finding your balance.

What exactly are we trying to find a balance between? we are trying to find a balance between our inner purpose and our exterior purpose, or put another way, to live in harmony with mind and soul.

Is there a quick way to do this? there might be a quick way to do this, and this might help. However, it all depends on how serious the person is on finding their own harmony and overcoming shyness.

For some, it gets to the point where they are so sick of going in and out of negative emotions even though they know that we are infinite beings, love gifted and unlimited potential.

The game is tiring at times and almost sickening at others, it seems like you are being pulled in between dimensions and sometimes you feel like you are not even on earth.

That you are just observing in the shadows and almost...on a permanent mute button where your tongue is constantly being held back by ...something.

Overcoming shyness is a part of balance

How do I find my balance?

Training your mind to accept your inner purpose will bring about an outer purpose and reveal you. This means, when you are in a situation and you are scared of being judged if you say...something.

Then the urge you had to say something would be YOU , and normally under general circumstances should say it.

If however, you say no to the thought and refused to kneel to yourself. A resistance has been set up and that is how the barriers towards your own personal balanced life is.

Then what might be noticed next is that it is harder to overcome because you are now resisting the fake version of yourself. This is where NIKE's slogan comes in handy. Just Do It.

What if I can't say anything, because im shy?

overcoming shyness....Saying you are shy can be compared to a bird who's wings are injured. It claims that it cannot fly. It CAN fly, just not at the moment because it has injured itself. It only takes little steps to heal itself and before no time it will be flying high again. Take little steps and you won't even recognize the person you could've sworn you were.

The next time a situation arises where you feel you shyould say something....say it. Do this as often as possible and you will be well on your way.

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