Do You Think other Peoples Opinion Are More Important Than Yours ?

Peoples opinion, your probably very curious about what this pageis going to be about aren't you?

After all who could blame you, this world seems to be driven by opinions and the ability to master them. But why is that the case?

Why are peoples opinion so important, they are just a persons point of view. A point of view that has been built by a person's personality. You have opinions, I have opinions.

In fact this very page is an opinion, as is everything on this website and every other website that deals with people. Even the facts that we once held firmly are now in question, why?.

The difference between people's opinion lies within the identity of a person. A hairdresser will not have the same opinion as a business man on the stock market. Unless it's one smart hairdresser!

Peoples opinions are tied in a person's status and experience in the world. The job they do and the success they have at it. Not many people will listen to a businessman if he is convicted of fraud.


Why? because we think that if a person is participating in a field we expect them to know more than someone who isn't.

I have a few friends who really like to know a lot of things....just for the sake of knowing. You have a few yourself im sure.

What is the point of knowing something just for the sake of knowing something? Is it really that important? Who cares!

In my experience too much information never helped anyone be free, in fact it was the opposite. The information starts to own a person and they become a slave to learning more and more just to KNOW. in the end.....they weren't very happy at all and decided to change.

( Guess what happened, everything they knew.....VANISHED and was proven wrong, by modern quantum physics, more specifically the law of entanglement )

So, It's great to have an opinion on things you have experienced BUT just learning and knowing things doesn't really get you that far. If anything it's just something that person is interested in.

Wrapping Up

Its fun to know a lot of things, but if knowing all of that stuff and having opinions on everything is getting in the way of you living your life, then what good is the opinion your holding?

If anything you know too much and its time to simplify your life!

K.I.S.S ( Remember to always Keep It Simple ) It's ALWAYS a matter of common sense and you do know whats best. You always do, because its your life.

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