Don't Drop It ! Personal Accountability.

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Personal accountability helps others too!

Personal accountability, people do have a tendency to overlook their personal contribution to events as they unfold.

Have you ever sat down and asked what did I do in.....?
How did I help/hurt the final outcome?

Knowing the power that each person has as part of a family, organization or friendship is what allows personal responsibility to empower their actions and influence their results.

What is Personal Accountability?

It is assuming responsibility for everything in your field of vision that you have had a hand in creating and even in things that you have not.

Assuming responsibility to things that you have done or had a hand in creating, no matter how large or how small seems likethe common sense thing to do. If you helped the result happen then, in part, it is to your benefit or fault.

However assuming responsibility for things that you haven't directly had a responsibility with can be a little more difficult to understandand to see why this is a benefit to anyone who knows this.

What is the benefit to accepting full responsibility?

What happens when you accept responsibility for a good or bad thing? A sense of connection with that resultis attained and solutions, problems and barriers appear in the mind of a person who has done so.

Then the person can carry forward anyway they desire because they have taken responsibility for it. So the solutionswill come to them and their perspective will grow in understanding and impact. All of this because they dared to accept full responsibility.

With the solutions to the problem come problems to the solution. Therefore, a reason why people do not accept responsbility for everything in their life is simply because they don't know what will happen if they do.

This reaction is linked to two apparent things. Fear of the unknown and body image.

It is linked to the fear of the unknown because a person refuses to accept responsibility because they are not entirely sure what the end result will be and decide to close themselves off to the unknown.

It is linked to body image or self image because they have built an image of themselves where it is always somebody else's fault. Now it's important to note that a person with this type of image will never say that, but that is the case.

So if while you are reading this, you sense that you have said something like, "this person doesn't know what hes talking about" look at yourself.

What If I only accept half of the responsibility?

If you choose to accept half of the responsibility, or the part that you believe you are responsble for. Then you will only see a solution in proportion to the part which you have accepted. This is the secret behind personal accountability.

This makes a lot of sense because those who are generally higher up in organizations take full responsibility for the entire organizationnot just themselves.

As a CEO they are responsible for the results of the entire company. Do you think that somebody who onlyaccepts half of the responsibility will be awarded this position?

Accept whatever amount of personal accountability you feel you need to, just keep in mind that the amount of responsibility you accept is a direct reflection of your own personal perspective and results in the physical world.

If you truly think about this...why, after knowing this, would someone still take partial responsibility?

Hopefully they wouldn't, or that would be like admitting they truly don't want to grow.

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