Positive thinking needs to become habitual and automatic

Positive thinking , first a word from Winston Churchill.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Remember to think!

Thinking is the key to getting what you want. You have heard about the law of attraction. Within the law of attraction, thinking is the prime ingredient in pulling you towards your goal.

A lot of people who think they are thinking are not, Thinking is when you are reasoning.

Reasoning does not involve watching the clutter in your mind go round and round. Thinking involves weighin possibilities and understanding context.

You know if your thinking because everything seems more lively and active. When you are avoiding thinking, everything seems to be boring and without any life. This is false because everything in our perception is filled with life.

This is where the balance comes in very handy. The balance we all have heard about is between mind and silence. The ability to look at a situation completely free of judgement then once it has been completed analyse the process in which the result came about.

The imbalence of thinking causes obssesion which causes a panic in the body which sends us into a coma like state where all we do is watch and judge on the surface without properly reasoning to our own personal conclusion.

If you take this seriously...

Positive thinking is your very own personal tool to get whatever you want, enjoy everything to the fullest and create a truly wonderful life. once you have mastered this area you will

  • Refuse to take part in negative conversations
  • Refuse to judge any circumstance
  • Take a look around you and understand the beauty in life
  • Realize how many people suffer from negative thought and how it directly effects their way of life
  • Become very aware of the impact of negative thought
  • Build solid reason around why you should only entertain positive thoughts

And among all of these things, it will lead you into a way of life that you thought only existed in fairy tales.


The Catch

I would be lying to you if I said this was easy simply because if it was, everybody would be doing it and people like me would be talking to a wall.

But thats not the case, in fact self help is one of the biggest markets out their because people find it tough to change their paradigm and begin to tkae positive thinking seriously.

Although instead of it being tough, its different and more often than not, thats considered tough.It's a new perspective that you create. Its similar to building a new idea in your head. First you are inspired, then, you work to keep the idea alive and eventually it takes over and its controlling you.

Where is the most effective way to start positive thinking?

Positive thinking starts by looking at a situation that you once thought negative and turning it into a positive.

For example , "My car broke down yesterday "

A positive person you will say : "Good, now i can collect insurance and get another car." A negative person will say "Aww crap now i have to call insurance, be without a car for a long time and eventually spend more money"

Which one makes you happier ? Not a tough choice, however it does require thinking to reach the first conclusion.

To become a consistent positive thinker, all it takes is practice. At first you will experience big immediate changes, one way to notice that you are changting perspective is you will get shivers every now and then. It feels like a weight has been lifting off your shoulders.

This is not a change that happens over night, you have developed certain habits that react in a negative way to certain situations. Most situations are not consistently happening in your life. Therefore it takes time to do a complete turn around because it happens piece by piece.

Once you notice that you have react in a negative way, take a second to find a positive response to overide the previous programming in your mind.

Positive Affirmations

Possitive affirmations are things which you say to yourself in your mind to lift your spirits and remind yourself what you truly want.

The best affirmation with the most impact I've found is "Every day in every way, im getting better"

This focuses your energy on getting better but does not provide any specific direction for it to improve therefore it improves everything.

It is even in John Lennon's song, "beautiful boy".

  • "I Love Life and Life Loves me" Is also a good one.
  • "I am Vibrant and filled with love"
  • "I love people, situations and always do my best"
  • "I NAME will succeed in everything I do"
  • "I NAME will reach my goals and surpass my wildest dreams"
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