Procrastination , "the I will do it later" strategy of the mind.

Procrastination is fighting what the mind wants to do in the moment and that strengthens the ability to be out of the moment.

This plants more of the same seeds that takes you further and further away from where you want to be.

Procrastination , "the I will do it later" strategy of the mind.

What are you doing when you are procrastinating ?

What your really doing is putting off facing the moment, or activity that takes you into the moment.

For example,

If you have a meeting at the end of the week. Begining preparation would be admiting that it is coming.
If you have an exam coming up, starting the work would be amitting that you need to do more work.

Maybe you have good reason for not wanting to do it but not doing it will take more away from you than facing the event and starting.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Throughout this website it explains that the moment is where everything is. If you are not in the moment then you are not where everything is. That means that the further you go from the moment the further you get from the things that you truly want.

So why would you, after knowing this, willingly volunteer to focus on a place that takes them you from what you actually want.

Habit is one of the reasons why.

Habit is the consistent programming in your mind that you abide by over a certain period of time.

Habit is how procrastinators develop.

First it starts with one task that needs to be completed which keeps being pushed off. Then it grows to a second task, a third task and then it picks up momentum and before you know it you feel overwhelmed at all that you have to do, which leads to stress and anxiety.

So why would one put off an event or task ?

One of the primary causes of procrastination is the fact that the procrastinator is not sure what the outcome will be a resistence to CHANGE.

Because you are resisting change in a situation you are immediately putting a block on anything new that wants to enter your life and the actions that what to manifest.

So now that you have let yourself put up a block you are resisting the energy that wishes to flow through you. This causes a lack of motivation in you and lowers the drive to complete the task.

Now that you have very little drive to complete the task because of the previous steps, you are even more prone to procrastinating until you absolutely must complete it.

There are many reason why you should stop fueling your procrastination. Here are some Facts.

It causes Stress and Anxiety - It does this by resisting your directed energy which creates a block, causing stress and anxiety build up.
It takes away from living life - Because you are focused on not doing things , energyhas been taken away from planning and achieving things
Affects relationships- By procrastinating your mind is always pre-occupied and therefor cannot give the proper attention to those you love.
Affects Efficiency - Similar to relationships having your mind preoccupied with other tasks takes away your focus or efficiency
Affects Peace of mind - The clutter in your mind is mostly because of tasks that have not been completed. This effects your peace of mind. since silence is rarely an option when you have tasks that need to be completed.

The number 1 way to eliminate procrastination is to make a list. Every day. I have met CEO's, CFO's, Owners, Founders all of which use this technique on a daily basis.

With the amount of things those positions require a person to do in a day, it is a almost a necessity to write things down. For me, If it is good enough for someone who earns millions of dollars per year, makes extremely difficult decisions that most of us don't understand. Then it is good enough for me.

The Technique :

Make a column of To Do and To be Done.

The To Do list is a list of which everything in the day must be completed. The To be Done is a list of things that you wish to complete at any point in time.

To Do List will look like this :

Today I want to :

1) Action and Task
2) Action and Task
3) Action and Task
4) Action and Task

In the future the taks that need to be completed are :

1) Task, Action that needs to be applied and the date at which you wish to be completed this task
2) Task, Action that needs to be applied and the date at which you wish to be completed this task
3) Task, Action that needs to be applied and the date at which you wish to be completed this task

If you do this daily, or even when your mind feels like its a big ball of stress, I guarantee that you will begin to be more productive, experience less stress and be more pleasant person to be around!

Here is a short video on the topic of procrastination :

Well, the only reason I know all of this is because I was probably the worst procrastinator I knew. Therefore, in order to actually MOVE FORWARD in my life I needed to smarten up and start doing things....literally. The first and last product I ever bought was

Getting Things Done - David Allen ( Procrastination will not survive if you don't want it too )

I got lucky because he is considered the man to read in these areas.