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Hey, Good and bad are lies!

Ha! hows that for an introduction. Here you will not find the average talk, the useless pointless babble that promise you things that you don't eant.

This blog is a perspective of power. Knowledge is king as you know, getting it is a process.

I share this process and my knowledge with you. So you can be a better person always.


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May 04, 2017

Free Stuff For You Readers!

I am quite the deal man actually, i always shop around and usually find free stuff that people shake there heads at. I'm sharing it now.

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Sep 04, 2010

A parasite of the mind... self help advice

No one would know more than me what panic attacks mean. I know anxiety like the back of my hand. A couple of years ago, my mom developed breathing problems.

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Feb 27, 2010

Contribute To Self Help For Humans

Would you like to share your knowledge about self help? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Oct 25, 2009

Daily Motivation

Within you is an unlimited source of anything you want. Unlock it with daily motivation.

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Oct 06, 2009

I'm sorry.


Urgent message

Free Sample from quality health is no longer available. After a little bit more research I have revealed that they are persistent with inflating the hype surrounding swine flu and therefore because i have done my research will not be promoting this offer. However, the good news is that i have found a great new offer for moms who love to brag about their baby!

I have found a contest that i trust and if you upload your baby photo to a site where others vote for him/her they will put you in a draw to win $2,500. Every month new prizes are given away.Show off your baby! Offer only Valid for U.S Residents.

I would like to apologize for not doing my research earlier on the company that I was promoting. I made a mistake and it will not happen again.


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Sep 26, 2009

Low Self Esteem Help

Get over the garbage and cut to the core of why you need low self esteem help

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Sep 21, 2009

Depression Self help

This message is for those who can’t seem to wake up with a smile, who can’t seem to do anything right, and who never feel like they are ever on the right track.

I know how you feel, this message is for you to prove that you are NOT singled out but ARE responsible for the way you feel.

I know that nothing will ever help and maybe nothing ever will....this is the way you are thinking. You think of everything as a big picture ...a big black picture of madness and monotone living.

After all how could you ever love fact people who love life make you sick, doesn't it?

What will it take for you to start living and enjoying what it is that you do. You ARE allowed to enjoy your life, even if you have one leg, no hair, fat stomach and a dead goes on. It is up to YOU what makes you upset and what takes you into another level of living.

What will it take? Maybe you should ask yourself this question. What will it take for me to be happy? Strip the excuses and get it done!

depression self help.

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Aug 20, 2009

Hilarious Health Blog!

A nice down to earth approach to being healthier is a tough thing to find. A person who is able to carry a voice through their website is unique in itself. This blog I just found made me laugh my butt off. The connection between dog and human is always good for a laugh but this one had a hidden message behind it.To give you an idea, check out this first line.

“You don’t have to roll over or sit up and beg. Here are 12 dieting tips to find your motivation, train your mind, increase your willpower – and to get you best of show at the same time!”

How can you say no to that? Go and check this one out.

Check it out Health Blog

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Aug 18, 2009

Buying Solar Energy

Recently i have been expanding my bubble of self dependance and decided to start going green.

Here is a helpful blog that answered all of my ..... questions.

Article no longer available!

Aug 11, 2009

Why just a blog? Here's a health forum!

If you have been following along this blog you will know that I have been recently checking out the health market. A market that has tons of people just waiting to take your money, so it’s very hard to be sure of what you read.

Upon my investigation I found a health blog that I mentioned below, I also tumbled upon a great health forum. One where natural remedies can be discussed without fearing that anyone is trying to take your money, something I have been searching for.

This forum is packed with great knowledge and application to which you can use in your daily life and learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

Check it out

Health Forum

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Aug 11, 2009

A Unique Helath Blog

I was taking a look around the web for something that I have recently been interested in as you know , I am a big believer in growing to your best potential and that means becoming aware of what you are doing on a daily basis.

All complex thoughts aside.

Noticing things so you can then change them, and that includes what you eat. I speak for myself when I say that I know there is way too much fast food within my diet, way too much.

There are times when it’s as easy as grabbing a snack instead of going for the full meal.

I just started reading a health blog that I randomly found. It has sparked my interest and opened my mind to a few new perspectives.

It’s worth taking a look at...

Health blog

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Aug 01, 2009

What have you done for yourself lately?

When is the last time you took a moment for yourself?

When is the last time you decided to take a moment of silence?

It was a quick one, rightfully.

A deep breathe and you'll remember it doesn't take long to be at peace.

No time at all..

Jul 07, 2009

Wanting Or Expecting

Getting what you want or getting what you expect.

Take a look at your life. Is it what you want or what you expect?

It will either be both or what you expect. Why is it the case?

Well because you made it that way. You expected certain things by a certain time and you got it.

Ever wondered why kids can say, I want this or I want that and yet get no one of it.....even you do that. We all do.

The difference is emotional attachment. When you expect something you emotionally attach yourself to the outcome. You do this by putting yourself in the position you want to be in and knowing how it will be.

Knowing is the key and you know through emotions.

Think of what you have. You've done it already. In fact, everything you have ever had went through this process.

Kids, house, boyfriend, girlfriend, divorce, new t-shirt, new pants......anything.

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May 18, 2009

A Little Fun - Empowering You

If life is just a dream then you standing therelooking at me can be anything you want it to be

If life can make you laugh, cry , tear , parade aboutthen life can do anythingand if you express life then you can do anything

What a world we live in a great time to be alivewith wide open eyes and a flash of insights on whats on the inside

A walk down the street is a walk to rememberso long as you remember where your walking if progress can be just another day thenhow many days will it take to satisfy

an endless hope into the night flashing winds and open mindsthe tress of life launch into escapeby just being and nothing else can that ever break

A lot to be said for what it isbut can be summed up in a lifethat just shuts up and listens

what else could you do,when laughter is hard to find in a life whereanything your lookng for can be found

Rememberance is a tool to enslave us allfilled with illusive values and core esemblesfed into our very culture

Rememberance is useful when a point needs to be reachedother than that, holding onto an image in your image thathas already happen will only bring aboutevents that have already taken place

Break free, what will tomorrow bring, what does now bring to youHow does this very moment make you feellike an angel, like a god, like nothing is ever wrong

right you are It is what it is, and you determine what it is so it is what you is and is, is jsut what it is.

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May 09, 2009

Good and Bad!

Good and bad, hmmm a tough topic. Seeing as how the effect is launched and inbred within all of us.

Do you believe in good and bad?
Do you believe that God Does?
Do you believe in judgement?
What do you think?

Does good and bad serve anything in our society other than those who control society? and if it does who?

If good and bad can be determined. Then who determines whats good and whats bad?

Have you ever thought about this?

Will you now?

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Apr 28, 2009

Facing Yourself : Face Yourself!

If you haven't done so this post feeds off of the previous post called "I Want To Be Free!" Read that first.

Facing yourself, what does that mean?

Does it have anything to do with that thing you never wanted to do?

Short answer : Not always!


I know that you have those moments everyday where something happens that you refuse to do.

Most of the time you immediately respond with an automatic answer. Pre-programmed to say no.

Today will be different, as of this moment you now know that you say this because you are running away from yourself.

The more you resist those moments, the misery will accumulate and you will find yourself in a depper hole that is even harder to get out of.

Make a smart choice and face yourself, next time you feel yourself automatically saying no. Think about why you are saying that and not ...JUST because.

That is Step number 1 to facing yourself.

Remember The best day happens everyday!

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Apr 28, 2009

I Want To Be Free!

Ok, Enough Time To Think About Freedom!This is something that hit me while I was on the golf course in the middle of a putt.

An unusual time and it came with a lot of power so here it goes.

If everything is in your head as many great leaders, teachers, spiritual guides and entertainers say it is, and if this is the dimension of space. What is freedom?

If the dimensions of space is explored first by mind, then by movement than what is freedom?

If the concept of freedom means to not worry, then where should you start?

If the concept of freedom means to have attained a certain status then where do you start?

If freedom to you means money, what happens when you get it? Are now free?

If one can be miserable with money than freedom is not in the amount.

If one can be misrable with a wife than freedom is not within your companion.

If one can be miserable with everything than freedom is not within material.

If you are joyful everyday because you have conquered all of your barriers, is that free?

If people are miserable because they resist themselves, then in order to be joyful they must face themselves.

If freedom is pure joy, then what do you have to do?

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Apr 10, 2009

Make Ya Day!


Today I woke up, lost and confused. Realized I was lost and confused and watched my brain trying to piece together some sort of identity to carry on further.

This is what holds us back. The process of remembering who we are and what we CAN or CANNOT do.

Paying attention to the morning when you wake up, you’ll start seeing that you look at yourself in the mirror to remind you who you are.

You want to change, you want to enjoy life more right?

Then why are you consistently reminding yourself of what you have and have not done.

Try this :

Wake up in the morning and before anything remember what you want to do today, or what you want to be.

This will change your life.

See Ya!

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Apr 06, 2009

You're Free To Go

Hey you!

It has come to my attention that you are absolutely beautiful and deserve a life that you so dream of, and below you will find information that has/will/does have a direct influence on you and your expectations of yourself.

This is a vital piece of information to understand, not to mimic, not to identify with but to understand and see the application and grow beyond. Please read in full or you will miss vital pieces.Article no longer available!

Apr 02, 2009

Reasons to Smile

Walking down the busy city streets today in the pure sunlight I noticed that very few people were smiling, happy or showing any emotion at all!

Here I was beaming like a light....The funny thing is I actually felt guilty for being happy!

That's Insane!

How could this be? How could I have only noticed it now? Have you ever noticed this?

SO. The result of this I wrote all of the reason any human being on the planet should never frown again!

1 ) You are alive

2 ) You have breathe, some people need to be hooked up to a monitor in order to breathe

3 ) How can you be upset if you have no idea who you are? We are all a mystery.

4 ) You have food to eat, and a computer to read more beautiful things about yourself on.

5 ) You ARE

6 ) You are what you think, that is just beautiful!

7 ) You don't suffer from insanity

8 ) What have you ever accomplished angry? Happiness is creation.

9 ) You are more productive when you smile

10 ) When you encounter someone, do you want them to be angry or sad?

11 ) What would you do if everyone behaved like you ? How would the world be ?

12 ) Did you eat today?

13 ) Do you have to fight for your life today?

14 ) Are you in good enough health to notice?

15 ) Did you do your exercise today ?

16 ) How much progress have you made since you were a child?

17 ) What do you want to do with today ?

18 ) Do you love someone?

19 ) Have you ever felt love?

20 ) How many reasons do YOU need to smile? The answer is none.

The Beatles said it well,

"All you need is love"

Mar 13, 2009

Ramtha ( The Mystery! )

Alright, now. If you have heard anything about the entity in this video below, suspend your disbelief because this one is going to test your mind and stretch it far beyond anything you might have thought about before.

Im serious, and its amazing!

Ramtha is a channeled entity that has come through JZ Knights body. Now, if you don't believe it, thats fine. Im not posting it to start a cult.

I want you to listen to this video and THINK about what shes saying and not who she is because her message is absolutely incredible.

Once again, if you do NOT believe im not trying to force you into anything. I simply want you to give what she ( he ) is saying some serious thought!

Good luck ( This changed my life! )

Here is the link to her(his) website

School Of Enlightenment

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Mar 13, 2009

The CrossRoads Of Self-Help

The crossroads of self help. The great mystery of why you are reading this. Your here simply because you want to learn something that you didn't know that might help you improve yourself.

Also, I gave it some thoughts, what is actually happening in your life is that you have reached a point where your daily life rountine and spirituality mix.

That means that you are at a point in your life that wants you to grow. You want to grow. Where you grow doesn't matter, it could be going to the gym consistently, getting a promotion at work, not swearing all the time.

The point is that you are growing! Hooray. This is the track you want to be on, because its a forward moving track!

So let's move move and carry on!

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Mar 13, 2009

The Doors Are Open!

Hey! The first post of the bran new blog. I have to say im a bit relieved to finally do this.

I have had a ton of moments where I said, hmmm if only I had a blog.

In Advance 'd like to say that this is an open blog. That means you can email me exactly what you want to say and I will post it, to share with he world and all of our great visitors!

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