Self consciousness is a step that everybody either takes or refuses to take.

The ones who refuse self consciousness are those generally falling into the idea that there is some time in a persons life where they don't need to make decisions or worry about anything.

Years of school or training and the resistance of leads to this type of thinking. So the next question is how many people did you know that loved to go to school at such a young age with no prior understanding as to why and merely needed to take their parents word for it.

There is a reason why the average salary in Canada is under $35,000 per year.

How does this relate to Self consciousness?

Learning can seem like such a chore and by design we are taught to just do it and get it over with.

Have you have ever said,

I might aswell start it, then I can be done with it....I bet you have.

We all have.

Usually it isnt until you have finished any formal learning and only have to focus on your work that you begin to search for ways to improve yourself. This is great because it shows that you understand how important learning new things are. Especially when its about yourself. Self consciousness is learning about you, by you. No concepts involved.

There is a saying that says, "Anything worth knowing can never be taught."

That may be true, however for those of us who live now we understand that in order to improve or achieve new heights than we must build on someone else understanding or knowledge.

This is the principle of circulation. Also, the beginning of self-awareness.

By ignoring self consciousness, self-awareness or self-growth you are saying that you do not want to improve anymore and you want to stay where you are right now and never move.

There is an issue with this. Since we are in a world that literally never stops moving.

The truth is, at any given moment you are either getting better or getting worse. This is a great way to test you self-consciousness , if you are overwhelmed byt his comment then you are not present.

Self consciousness is something that takes focus and perseverance.

Self consciousness is becoming aware of how you behave in the moment. Through paying attention to yourself in the moment, you see

- How your mind is conditioned
- Habitual patterns
- Ways to improve in the circumstance that arises
- Infinite wisdom

By paying attention to yourself in the moment being in the moment you are strenghtening your self-awareness just by being.

What do I do to reach self consciousness ?

You cannot reach self consciousness. The only thing you can do is let it reach you. You do this by being present.

Being aware of yourself means you need to allow the illusions that you have placed on yourself such as, your likes and dislikes, theories, opinions and everything else that you hold in the idea of yourself. The image you have of yourself in the mind that you have created over the years.

This will disidentify you from your mind and allow a new free flowing energy to reach you.

Forget About Myself?

Yes. If you deny fueling the image of yourself in your mind then you will begin to allow life to flow freely. When life is flowing freely, life is beautiful and guess what you are still alive.

So why are you hanging on to old memories that cause you pain and suffering?

You already know that you are not your reactions and you are not your achievements so why would you walk around with them as if their in your lap?

Because your mind has a hold on you, you have identified with your mind.

Try repeating, "I am not my mind" then become silent.

If your mind starts to fight this then you have a strong indicator that you have allowed yourself to become identified with your mind and I will direct towards Eckhart Tolle who knows an infinite amount more than I do on the subject.

Here is a short video on the subject , if you would like to learn more you can get his book ,Here.

How Do I become more present to be more self-aware?

- By silencing your mind.

and you silence your mind by focusing on


- Your senses, By focusing on your senses through what you are hearing, touching, hearing you bring yourself completely into the moment. You might shiver, this is normal.
- Your stomach, This is my way fo doing it, I feel the inside of my stomach and listen to the sounds which surround me. This is my little trick :)
- Where ever you are, Focus on where you are, not the place but what your seeing. The dimensions of the room and anything of where you are.
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