Self Help Info understood and explained

This page on self help info is meant to help you put into perspective what exactly your doing when you are actively improving yourself.

Although self help info has many topics and countless examples. Its very easy to get overwhelmed and stop. The "simplest" avenue that exists is the moment, and I say that seperate from the illusion of easy. Many roads lead to the moment such as Ghandi teachings, Ehckart Tolle teachings and many spiritual teachers, yoga instructors.

Is being in the moment, since....its all we have.

To be in the moment and understand the relevance as to why this is so important, the diagram below illustrates where inspiration, creativity and peace come from.

Physical life ( Your results )
Comes from
Understanding ( Your mental state/perception )
Comes from
Awareness ( You )

At any time any moment you can say.....Shut up! Enough with all of this non-sense its time to relaxed focus on a direction and be!

The beauty in everything a person does, is completely dependant upon their connection with being, themselves!. Self help info.

You are awareness and you can contact this by meditating, yoga, silence, breathing, EFT and many techniques all designed to keep you in the moment. Those people who are more aware are rewarded with understanding and thus grow naturally along with their physical results.

To clear something up. None of this is easy!. We have been derailed! from what we deserve, what we are and what we should know.

This does not happen overnight, there is no magic potion....or pill to take to be magically cured, this isn't a disney movie. It takes patience and day to day discipline. Other people who extend understanding are only meant to point your in the right direction, and perhaps motivate you to continue. That's It!

but I will say this for self help info, IT IS WORTH IT!

To be FREE from everything and create your own environment and not mold into somebody elses, to keep it in perspective and move forward with excitement and joy.

There is no greater serenity! me

It is said that when you decide that you want something different in the physical world than you have now you first must change the mental image of yourself and the vision in which you see yourself moving towards. See How To Set goals.

Once you internalize the new image through repetition you begin to develop a new understanding and this new understanding is the worlds way of magnetizing the new material things that you are asking for. This is the essence of all self help info.

In order to properly help yourself and get the most out of self help info you must determine which area of your life you are wanting to improve.

Self Help Relationship

Self Help Healing, there are many types of healing in the world and in this section we go through the many types of healing one can use to achieve piece of mind.

Self Help Guide Which is a piece by piece gathering of information directed towards helping you reach your inner beauties. Inside you will find A free-Ebook which if you read it will help accelerate your direction.

Self Help Technique, Among all of the techniques now arising in this "new earth", Emotional freedom Technique and Reconnection technique have arisen as the dominant forces. Within we go in depth as to the information available and directives in order to use it

Self Help Quotes, The greatest minds and spirits of our time explored through the messages they gave us. In this section we explore all of the great master like Ghandi, Eckhart Tolle, Jesus Christ, James Allen, Napolean Hill and all of the great people who have chosen to bless us with wisdom.

Self Help Confidence in this section we explore the reasons why you feel you need more confidence and why you are experiencing low levels of confidence and perhaps in spikes aswell. I explain how your thought process and you seeking confidence in things on the outside of your body is what allows it to fluctuate.

Self Motivation, this is for all of those people out there who feel tired, bored and a genuine lack of enthusiasm towards life. A life is only lived when you feel greatful for the things and opportunities and even problems around you. I explain this in detail.

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