Self help relationship, has yours turned into a habit?

Self help relationships can turn into habit if no new things are introduced. If one stops living and goes into boring mode. Similar to the movie Click and your both on fast forward.

Having a positive self help relationship

The Big Questions

If you are in a relationship that can be compared to a flat soda or a rottent tomatoe then somebody has let it get that way. It takes effort to build relationships. Effort and a sense of life, spark and adventure to try new things.

Do you remember before you met the person you are with now, what drew you to that person.. What you wanted to experience with that person. Well, what happened ?

If we experience something for the first time, its considered an excitement. An excitement adds to life. An excitement is necessary to enjoy life. If life is without excitement a person could describe it as a flat soda.

So whats the problem, where has the excitement gone ? have the point of views changed, maybe you both are not putting the same amount of effort into the self help relationship as you used to.

Maybe because you don't want too, or maybe because you never knew you did. Everything worth having needs to be earned. Therefore, is the relationship your in worth saving or is it worth forgetting?

Deep down inside of you as you are reading this, you know what needs to be done. Good or bad, whatever it is be honest with yourself and the person your with.

Imagine things do not change, everything stays the same. How much fun will you be having, how enjoyable would life be to you ? If the relationship is dull, both parties feel it. Its not hidden in the closet, its in plain view. For everybody to see.

Just because you might not want to address it, does not mean that it is not there.

Isn't the whole point of a relationship to enjoy eachothers company ?

The End Result

In the end, it all comes down to a decision. Do you want to work on the relationship or let it go ? Answering this question before anything allows you to see a clear perspective as to you own intentions in this relationship.

Build, or throw out. Make that choice when you are thinking clearly.

Clear your mind, and listen to whats inside. The answer will come.

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Finished with self help relationship ?