Scared To Open The Door? To Go Outside? Social Anxiety.

Ask Why!

Social anxiety is low self esteem, individualization and nervousness in every social communicative setting.

If this is your first encounter with anxiety you can inform yourself at That is simply to build a foundation, we focus on eliminating it.

However I believe that you are searching for information on anxiety and truly want to fix it because you are fed up of feeling insignificant, small and nervous in social situations.

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I couldn't agree with you more. Having suffered from social anxiety myself I understand one hundred percent what it feels like to be in an uncomfortable situation where you feel that something may arise that you cannot deal with.

Being unprepared or uncertain by what may arise in a given situation can be terrifying. In fact its why people with social anxiety generally become afraid to leave their house! and remain in a predictable way of life and only do things they have done before.

This is how a comfort zone develops, fear of what might happen. Instead of being excited.

That is our goal, to replace your anxiety with excitement. Imagine if instead of feeling anxious everytime you are invited somewhere, you feel excitement. How would you like that ?

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Bridge Over Troubled Waters!

How can I help myself eliminate social anxiety?

Distinguish where anxiety is felt.

Social anxiety is not a one case suites all scenario and it helps to distinguish where and when you are feeling anxious.

  • Business meeting
  • Voicing Opinion
  • Public Speaking
  • Meeting new people
  • Family Get togethers
  • Going out to new places
  • Entering a room late

What situations do you feel the most uncomfortable, if you don't know right now, go figure it out. It is essential.

All you have to do is pay attention to when you start feeling anxious. Then you will know what it is about the situation you feel anxious about.

When you think of a situation that makes you anxious it is similar to a slippery slope.

For example,

Your boss just notified you that you need to make a presentation tomorrow on a topic you are confident with. However, for some reason you think that people will just start laughing at you and you won't knwo what to do.

You will be humiliated that your friends think your a fake. You then let it get the best of you and you notify your boss that you can't make the presentation for personal reasons.

Your boss finds someone else willing to do it and you are back to doing your current job.

Think about it....

Why do you think they will judge you negatively ? If you are confident on the subject, wouldn't you think that they could learn something from the information provided?

Reason with your emotions with your improvement in mind. Think of yourself as a good person, tolerant, unlimited potential and next time a negative reaction comes about think of...

"How the end result will bring me closer to what I want."

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