Taking Responsibility
"If i have to be myself, then I will have nothing to fall back on, and all responsibility will have to be mine"

Ignoring taking responsibility is indirectly a root causes of a persons unhappiness.

A person who truly finds themselves putting on a face for the public or playing in roles in society such as, the role of a mother, the role of a father, a teacher, a personal trainer, This identification or assumption of acting as if we are in a role is causing much unhappiness in OUR LIVES.


Will noone actually accept me, or is it that people will just not leave me alone....... What happens when people notice you? then begin to want to get to know you, to become part of your life, to be with youm to do things along side you, for being you! and you alone.

And yes....in a world where taking responsibility is rare ( for proof of this go back a few years when bridgestone tires and ford vehicles refused to take responsibility with a defect between the joint venture....ENRON & many corporate giants ), someone who truly likes a person for who they truly are adds tons of pressure to continue to be themselves right?

Well, then what if I cant continue to be myself? what if i start being somebody else and everyone wakes up to the fact that even I, the me, the "responsible person" can assume a role and then ive let down everyone who i spend time with. "The famous demasking of a super-hero"

So...We think I Might Aswell....

not even risk it and just go along....playing the roles and stay out of everybody's way so they can just continue on their lives without any disruption.


There is no mask, if you never put one on. Picture a life that you truly and deeply want, behaviour that you love to do, the words you would love to say.....the relief of saying them the person that you want to be in the room, the person without the face!

What a gift would that be to you......you would be superhuman.....considering almost everyone else puts one on! They think they have too, but now you know you don't!

Alright, yea...its hard, after all we do care what others think, but why ?

Well......a question can be answered a thousand different ways but, look around you..... the things that get ahead, American idol for one.....

"If your liked by millions you get ahead......then the next question is how do i get one million people to like me? Right....."


Everyone loves to be loved, but what are the characteristics of people we love....

I mean.....the people we really love..........Because.....they are themselves!!! because we know how hard it is to be who we actually are that we secretly commend anyone who has the "cohonas" to be.

So if someone whop is themself is who we all truly desire, then why do we not spend more time figuring out who we actually are?

Well thats easy.....we need to earn money, society jams jargin down our throat and forces us to conform before we can figure out what were all about.

In this way, through forcing and moving on we tend to put little impotance on finding out whats inside until....retirement.

This is what teenage rebellion is all about ....They are rebelling against roles! because they feel the need ( understandably ) to create some space instead of playing a role, they believe....like us....that they need to choose a role to play for the rest of their lives!

How cruel is that thought? To have to CHOOSE to be someone else for the rest of your life? This is an assumption a teenager makes and adults weave in an out of. Taking responsibility for themselves eliminates this role.

You are amazing, you are unique, you are infinite, you are a wonderful beautiful spiritual being. Why are you so scared of what you want ?

Taking responsibility for everything in our life allows us ALL to be ourselves.

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