Money is the mask for the energy of service. Understanding money allows you to see past the paper.

Understanding money should be obvious although many refuse to understand money for the fear that it might take over. Money can only take over in ignorance.

Because you are in the moment, all the time whether you are present or not and in the moment is where you seek to have wealth then setting up a vibratinoal field of "wanting" which imposes future will automatically place a barrier in between you and what you seek, in this case financial abundance.

What do the most successful people know about understanding money?

They know that money is a means for exchange. They know that money is not what they want, freedom is what they want, money is what society has put in place in order to get it.

To receive money you need to provide a service. The amount of money brought in depends on the service you render.

The money you hold in your hand is not the same money you want. The money people look for is the image of money, the image of power. The paper you hold in your hand is not money but a symbol of money, it is paper and ink.

The idea of money is the image and the huge barrier that keeps people from having it. Grasping action with ideal creates illusion.

Illusion is a barrier between you and what you want to have.

You HAVE everything you NEED

"People attract what they need, not what they want." Bob Proctor.

You are receiving everything you need right now. Think about it. All of your needs are being delivered to you.

The realization that you already have everything you want is the foundational information people are to put to use every day.

The fact that once you receive something, you will be better is simply illusive and is absolutely false. Joy and love is the moment. No matter what exterior circumstance you have.

Therefore putting "money" up on a pedastil will allow money to conveniently reject your vibrational field of magnetism and move along to the next person who has spent the effort of understanding money.

Money is no different then any other physical form. If you understand it and its purpose, then it will abundantly be attracted to you.

What you actually want is the freedom of circumstance. That paper with ink on it to which society is fueled by is what you want. Money is simply the label which the media, masses and governments place on it in order to fulfill its illusory purpose to fulfill anybody who has it and illuminate those who do have it to others. This becomes apparent to you when you begin understanding money.

Money is needed for anybody who choose to live within a society, and if they dont, money can be reffered to as any regulation that allows you to receive something you would like of materialistic needs.

"money" is what people chase, and if one chooses to chase money, the lack of understanding one has of money will change your personality and make you feel superior to others. Which is not the case at all.

Understanding money means being comfortable with the idea of money and what it is.

Money is a piece of paper with ink on it symbolizing an exchange.

I go to the grocerie store and buy a cereal, in exchange for the effort and property rights and distribution rights and the product i give a certain amount of money.

Once I give the person the money they hand me proof of purchase ( A receipt ) which details the record of the transaction in order to report the one transaction to the company who can then record their sales and pay the applicable taxes.

For every negative there is a positive. "money" is used for

1) An exchange
2) To enhance circumstances
3) to render services beyond your presence

Money's idea has to do with service. Serve the people and money is the reward rendered for that service.

A simple concept that if focused on the idea of money, you will be completely oblivious too.

This is the greatest barrier to understanding money and ultimately having it.

Service, to enhance and promote spiritual growth through the service and understanding of how to serve the people better will result in greater understanding of our ego.

There is a direct attachment towards money and ego, that cannot be ignored. However, once a service is rendered beyond the ego. Eckhart Tolle for example the rewards he reaps are beyond the materialistic need of money and therefore the understanding that people have of service needs to be changed.

Service does not mean provide a material service in order to reap the rewards it means faithfully provide service to others int he ways they need it the most. In most casses, this will reveal a natural way of providing service. Through presence and awareness.

A service, is much to often associated with material needs. Where if associated to material needs will ultimately destroy the planet and void all good since is roots are within the human greed.

Although the masses of the world today are much to associated with material and myself included we tend to believe in a product more if we can see it.

Below is a very descriptive video on the definition of money from a lawyer named Paul McKeever who takes us deeper into the roots of money and into its property rights.

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